Retaining a customer costs five to seven times less than acquiring a new one! It is therefore important to bind customers to your organization. However, there are organizations that do succeed in establishing a long-term relationship with their customers. They do this by getting to know the customer and striving for a win-win situation in the long term. Often, they use a subscription model for this. This book teaches you which elements are important to set up a new business model and how to turn your organization into a true retention machine


Weblinken uit het boek

 A book about digitalization is of course not complete without a lot of references to examples that you can find online. Instead of having the reader type all these links, they are grouped on this page. 

However, you also know that the internet can be very dynamic. Some links will no longer work over time because the sites they refer to have been shut down or reorganized. I prefer to leave the links anyway so that you can still find a previous version in a search engine.


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