Blockchain, 3D printing and 'internet of things' are just some of the terms that the media are full of, but what do they really mean, and more importantly, how does your organization deal with them?

This book guides you step by step to a digital transformation. It discusses the main streams in technology and their consequences. Using assignments and without difficult technical jargon, it bridges the gap between business and IT. For every leader who wants to be successful in a fast-changing world.​


Weblinks from the book

A book about digitalization is of course not complete without a lot of references to examples that you can find online. Instead of having the reader type all these links, they are grouped on this page. 

However, ‘Meaningful Digitalization’ dates back to 2018, so it is possible that some of these links no longer work.


Extra chapter on innovative technologies
(Dutch only)

A book is a limited medium. Firstly, it is linear: it starts somewhere, from where you build a story, to eventually arrive at an end. You cannot deviate too much from that storyline, or it will become confusing for the reader.

Additionally, space is limited. Elements that do not immediately contribute to the core message are considered ‘waste’ by some readers… ‘Muda’, you know? (see chapter 2 under the paragraph ‘Avoiding waste’). 

Because the information remains interesting enough to share, the publisher and I have decided to make it available to the interested reader


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