Your guide in the Retention Economy

​Peter has 30 years of experience in translating business processes into information systems. He is also the author of two books in Dutch on this subject: “Zinvol Digitaliseren” and “De Retentie-Economie”.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, Peter is available for presentations and project management in this domain.


De Retentie-Economie (Dutch)

​Retaining a customer is five to seven times less expensive than acquiring a new one. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your clients loyal to your organization. Many companies achieve this by using subscriptions as a tool. Subscriptions not only provide a recurring transaction, but also allow companies to gain a better understanding of their customers and use this information to enhance their products. 

This book will teach you how to use subscriptions to transform your organization into a true ‘retention machine’.

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Training and key-notes

​Let yourself be inspired on how your organization should adapt to be ready for the retention economy.


​Together with the key stakeholders within your company, a future vision is developed as well as a roadmap towards it

Software selection

​From drafting the functional requirements to signing the contract with a supplier

Project management

​Guidance from A to Z for your entire implementation project

Blog (Dutch only)

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